Sukhraj's Weekly Inspiration - Week of September 23rd

Week of September 23rd

Wahe Guru + Vajrasana

Sat Nam All,

This week, I want to spend some time with the Wahe Guru mantra and Vajrasana pose. I've been inspired by a talk by Yogi Bhajan where he goes into great detail about some of his experiences with this mantra and asana. In the Aquarian Teacher manual, Wahe Guru is described as the indescribable ecstasy that comes when dwelling in God. Wa means “wow. He means “now”. Gu means “darkness” and Ru means “light." Chanting the mantra is said to trigger your destiny. Here is some more information on this topic.

- Sukhraj


"The human sensory system is going to be our greatest asset in the Aquarian Age. We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, strengthening our nervous system, activating our glandular system, balancing our emotional energies, and channeling our mental energy to intuitive awareness. As we cultivate a subtle sensitivity to our being, we will experience a sense of completeness within ourselves that will give us great satisfaction. We will have the capacity to feel calm, contained, content, and straight. We will no longer feel the need to be validated from outside because energetically we will validate ourselves by going deep inside our own being."

- Yogi Bhajan


Thought I’d give you this piece of info so you can decide which pranayama suits you best.

Segmented Breaths

With segmented breathing, we divide the inhalation and exhalation into several equal parts, with a slight suspension of the breath separating each part, and with a distinct beginning and end point to each segment. This stimulates the central brain and the glandular system in different ways.

Instead of inhaling in one smooth motion, we break the breath up into segmented “sniffs.” Try not to collapse or squeeze the nostrils in on the sniff, or pull the breath too deeply into the lungs. The goal is for the breath to strike a relaxed, yet focused area in the nasal passage to stimulate a particular set of nerves. Keep the nostrils relaxed and direct the attention to the feel of the breath further along the air passages and to the motion of the diaphragm.

·  4 parts in : I part out healing: energizing, uplifting
·  4 parts in : 4 parts out: clarity, alertness, triggering glands
·  8 parts in : 8 parts out: calming, centering
·  8 parts in : 4 parts out: focusing, energizing
·  4 parts in : 8 parts out: calming, unblocking, letting go

The ratios used in Kundalini Yoga are clearly defined and create stable, predictable, final states of mind and energy. It is best not to experiment since not all ratios are balanced or sustainable. More is not better. So a 25:1 or a lucky 7:11 will not be useful! 


Use this Kundalini playlist for your practice and meditation.

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Take good care of yourself.
Looking forward to seeing you at Raj!

- Sukhraj