Week of September 30th

Wah Yantee: The Mantra for Intuition

Sat Nam All,

One of my favorite connections of the Hatha Yoga practice and Kundalini yoga practice comes through the mantra Wah Yantee. Over 2000 years ago, the Hatha Yoga Teacher Patanjali told his students there would be a great prophet by the name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji who would bring the sound current "Wahe Guru” to this earth. Last week at the studio, we chanted the Wahe Guru mantra a lot in class, and I loved hearing the feedback from some of you around the depth of understanding that came to you while chanting this mantra. It is so powerful, and when it's practiced daily can set your mind at ease and help you understand and connect to what’s important in your life. Keep it up! This week we will be spending some time with Wah Yantee and connecting to your intuition. Click here for more information.

- Sukhraj


"It is in the Neutral Mind that you can be calm and pure and speak directly in the light of your soul. Then you speak and act from intuition."

- Yogi Bhajan. The Mind, p.19


Wah Yantee - Mantra for Intuition:

Waa yantee kar yantee
Jag dut patee
Aadak it waha brahmaday
Trayshaa guroo
It wahay guroo.

Wah Yantee mantra translation:

Great Macroself, Creative Self.
All that is creative through time,
All that is the Great One.
Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.
That is Wahe Guru.


Meditation for the Neutral Mind


It is easy to hear a truth and difficult to live it, to embed it deeply into your heart and mind. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. Jappadone with the refined Neutral Mind leads to Naam Chit Aveh —the constant remembrance of the Infinite. The Neutral Mind lives for the touch of vastness. It lets all other thoughts be without disturbance to your constant inner light.

Posture: Sit in easy pose with the spine straight. Put both hands in the lap with the palms facing up. Rest the right hand in the left. The thumb tips may touch or not.

Eyes and Mental Focus: Remove all tension from every part of the body. Sit straight by achieving a balance. Close the eyes. Imagine seeing yourself sitting peacefully and full of radiance. Then gradually let your energy collect like a flow at the brow point.

Breath: Let the breath regulate itself into a meditative slow, almost suspended, manner.

Mantra: Concentrate without effort at that point and mentally vibrate in a simple monotone, as if chopping the sound, projecting each syllable distinctly:

Wha-hay gu-roo (Infinity identity from darkness to light)

Call on the higher self and keep going steadily through all barriers. Let go and let God.

Time: Practice this meditation for 17 to 31 minutes at a session.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


Use this Kundalini playlist for your practice and meditation.


Dhanwant will begin teaching Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm on October 2nd.
She also teaches every Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Saturdays 9:00-10:15am.

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Take good care of yourself.
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- Sukhraj