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Already Intimate with Bruce Tift

We are already fully intimate with ourselves, with our partners, and with life. But our experience of intimacy always has qualities which we like and dislike. When we refuse to fully participate in what is difficult, we're left with the feeling that something's missing. The love that we have in this moment, though, is the only love we have to experience, ever. Not withholding ourselves while we wait for a different reality, we experience full intimacy, in all its limitations and complexity.

  1. Video Course

A transformative 40 day meditation program that supports a deeper experience of oneself, mentally/emtionally, physically and spiritually. 

JTS is for everyone. No requirements needed expect a genuine curiosity towards self healing, personal inquiry and responsibility. 

There are 3 parts to JTS.  The first is a commitment to a daily meditation program.  The second is studying and practicing the moral and ethical vows of yoga, called the Yamas and Niyamas (this will be taught by Sukhraj weekly during her dharma talks and light homework assignments will be given then).  The third is a cleanse where you eliminate sugar,recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine, out of your life for 40days.


  1. Video Course
  2. Audio Only Course