The Path of Relationship
with Taylor White Moffitt and Dia Nicholson
Saturday, September 8th, 3-5pm - $35/$42

At our best, we are loving, patient and kind with our partners. At our worst, we are reactive, anxious or checked out from partnership. Each of us come to relationship with a chest full of fears, anticipations, expectations, wounds, and strengths. Hopes for the future are based largely on what you had, what you didn't have, what you wish to repair, and what you wish to repeat. Looking at these patterns from a neutral place allows us to identify pathways out. Each step is a choice to sustain or disrupt these patterns.

This workshop will help you identify your kryptonite and your super power so that you can step more skillfully towards connection and intimacy. Through compassion, awareness and the skill of listening we have the capacity to heal our own experiences and support our relationship partner to do the same.

Please join us for a 2 hour workshop that will include meditation, discussion, journaling and inquiry. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal and pen and water bottle.

Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. She has worked with couples, people with mood disotrders, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. Taylor leads personal growth retreats for people who want to feel more power and peace in their life. She incorporates her love of yoga, meditation and personal work in all she does.

Dia is a recent graduate of Naropa University’s Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling program. She has a growing private psychotherapy practice in Boulder and is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Dia also relies on her personal experience of raising five children, partnering with her husband of more than two decades and practicing meditation to inform her teaching. Dia takes pleasure in helping others discover and cultivate their own innate wisdom.