Thangkas for Sale

Thangkas are Tibetan Buddhist paintings which depict Buddhist deities and enliven the space in which they are hung with the gifts of the deity. These Thangkas have been gracing the walls at Raj for years, and are ready to move on to their new homes as we redesign the studio. One could be yours. Scroll down for more information. 

To inquire or purchase, contact the Raj front desk at 720 287 3361

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Marpa Lotsawa
The Translator
Price: $750 + tax

A Tibetan Buddhist teacher, credited with the translation and transmission of buddadharma to Tibet. He ensured the lineage would be passed on.

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Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)
And his eight manifestations
Price: $800 + tax

An 8th century Indian Buddhist master. He is venerated as a “second Buddha”.

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Sitptapatra (White Parasol)
Enlightened Leadership
Price: $800 + tax

She is a protector against supernatural danger and black magic.

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Majushri – Wisdom Keeper
Price: $750 + tax

Represents wisdom, insight.

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Je Tsongkhapa
Price: $500 + tax

*Slight Damage

A 14th century Tibetan Buddhist master who taught the Tibetans everything they needed for spiritual development.

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 Price: $550 + tax

*Slight Damage

Avatar of Lord Vishnu; god of knowledge and wisdom

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Price: $700 + tax

*Slight Damage

One of Tibet’s most famous yogis and poets

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Yellow Jambhala
Price:$250 + tax

Most popular and powerful of the Wealth Gods

To inquire or purchase, contact the Raj front desk at 720 287 3361