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Sue Young found Kaiut Yoga because she needed to heal her body.  Facing a recommendation for a third knee surgery, Sue began her Kaiut practice to alleviate joint stiffness and immobility that had become severe.  Sue’s time as a world class ultra-endurance triathlete built an intimate understanding of the body.  When trauma and illness left her weakened, she began to rebuild her body — and her mind — through this life-changing practice.  Sue’s yoga classes are gentle, providing a regenerative environment for students facing limitations.  Sue has practiced yoga for over 25 years, began practicing Kaiut in 2016, and has trained intensively with the founder of the this form of yoga, Francisco Kaiut. Sue’s background as an athlete and Fortune 500 tech executive, as well as a mother and world traveler, helps her empathize with the students who now rely on her classes for their own healing journey.