The Art and Practice of Self Compassion
Led by Taylor White Moffitt
Sundays 6:30pm-8:30pm
from January 20th to February 17th, 2019
$400 | $375 Preregistration before January 6th, 2019

Self Compassion delivers everything self improvement promises. Being human means that we often struggle in responding to ourselves with kindness, we can lack understanding and respect for our humanity and often feel unsteady or unlovable. Self compassion is a tool of generosity that need not be earned but just simply and generously applied as first aid relief for almost all suffering.

For 5 weeks we will work with the 3 primary components of self compassion (Neff, 2003)

  • Self Kindness vs. Self Judgement

  • Common humanity vs. Isolation

  • Mindfulness vs. Overidentification

Together we will deconstruct our fight/flight/freeze mechanisms that take us out of the present moment and up into our minds. We will increase our coping abilities, our resilience and our sturdiness as peaceful and compassionate human beings. Join us for a 5 week class that will include asana, meditation, journaling, inquiry circles and discussions on the topic that offers the most healing for each self compassion.
Please wear comfortable clothes for a short vinyasa asana practice, a journal and pen and water to each session.


Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. She has worked with couples, people with mood disorders, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. Taylor leads personal growth retreats for people who want to feel more power and peace in their life. She incorporates her love of yoga, meditation and personal work in all she does.