Sunday January 7 1:00PM - 3:00PM

$35 | $28 Preregistration


Rebirthing workshops allow us to work deeply within the subconscious mind to release stored pain and fear, which can collect in our subconscious over time. In this workshop we will release stagnant pain and fear and usher in the new year with the mantra for prosperity!

"Either you control your mind, or your mind controls you. If your mind controls you, whether rich or poor, tall or short, beautiful or ugly, you are done. You are useless. Life is all about the control of the mind. But there has to be spirit behind it - the soul." - Yogi Bhajan


Prabhusukh Singh PhD has been studying eastern philosophy for over 25years including Buddhism, Taoism, acupuncture, chi kung and martial arts. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, a master’s degree, and a dual PhD in neuroscience and physiology. Within the first weekend of the KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Prabhusukh Singh PhD knew he would be a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Kundalini Yoga is a comprehensive path of transformation that allows Prabhusukh Singh PhD to integrate all his previous knowledge, from western science and eastern philosophy, to deliver a powerful transformative experience that can rapidly transform a student. He has also tested to Level II inSat Nam Rasayan under the instruction of Guru Dev Singh.