Saturday February 3rd 1:00pm - 4:00pm

$45 | $38 Preregistration

Akara Numerology is a form of divination where we use the numbers of one's birth date to derive a series of 13 calculations that formulate a blueprint of the psyche, or individual consciousness. This course will cover how those numbers are calculated, their meanings, and why they are important for personal growth and evolution. We will also discuss and practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques on how best to work on ourselves through our Sadhana, or personal practice, smarter rather than harder!
The system of Akara Numerology relies heavily on an understanding of the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness. They are:
The Soul Body - The Initiator, Courage, Balance of the Head and Heart
The Negative/Protective Mind - First Stage of Thought Process, Danger Detector, "Longing to Belong"
The Positive/Projective Mind - Second Stage of Thought Process, Unlimited Potential, Creativity
The Neutral/Meditative Mind - Final Stage of Thought Process, Balance & Clarity, Non-Attachment
The Physical Body - The Earth Plane, The Teacher, Communication, Flexibility
The Arcline or Halo - Projective & Protective, Read & Know the Field, "Karmic Chalkboard"
The Aura - The Electromagnetic Field, Elevation, Wisdom, The Solitary Spiritualist
The Pranic Body - The Breath, Vitality, Life Force, Health & Prosperity
The Subtle Body - Mastery Over Mystery, Power of Suggestion, Seeing the Details
The Radiant Body - Soul Magnified, The Leader, Charisma, "All or Nothing"

Each of the 13 calculations used to create an individual's chart will be derived from the addition of 2 or more numbers of the birth date, reduced down to a number between 1 and 11, 11 representing Spiritual Excellence or the positive aspects of all 10 Bodies. Additionally, Significant Intermediate Calculations as well as Transformer Numbers give us clues into added depths and dimensions of the Final Calculations, creating an intricate tapestry of the complex human experience and a user's manual on how best to keep ourselves balanced in the Aquarian Age.


Born and raised by yogis in the tradition of Sikh Dharma, Avtar has been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation since he was in the womb. Both his parents have taught this sacred technology for over 40 years and he has lived a yogic lifestyle since birth. Like many born into a spiritual community, he diverged from this path in order to explore new experiences, which included a move to New York City in the Fall of 2006 to study Menswear Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In 2010, he returned to his roots in Virginia and began reincorporating the practice back into his life. In the process he discovered a renewed sense of self, an increase in health and vitality, and a means of breaking old destructive habit patterns. In 2013, he completed his 200 hour KRI Level I Teacher Training Certification at Radiance Yoga in Alexandria, Virginia and since then has been consistently teaching weekly classes in his current home of Baltimore, Maryland. He has gone on to receive his KRI Level II Teacher Training Certifications in Authentic Relationships, Lifecycles & Lifestyles, and Vitality & Stress, with the intention of becoming a Teacher Trainer. Early in his journey, he discovered a love and aptitude for Akara Numerology and soon began giving private readings, followed by teaching workshops on the subject. This segued into creating custom gemstone mala bead necklaces, using one's numerology chart as a guideline. His unique upbringing has provided him with a wealth of experience, depth of understanding, and steadfast commitment to passing on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the Golden Chain to any and all who wish to experience their benefits.