New Moon in Aries:
The Heart of Hanuman
Donation Class with Dayna Seraye + Gurmukh Singh
Sunday April 15, 2018  1:00p - 3:00pm
All Donations go to the Hanuman Festival Seva Fund

The teachings of Hanuman share the power of living a heart-centered life. Join Dayna and Gurmukh for a 2 hour journey to align with the fire of your heart and set your new moon intentions to cultivate deeper trust in the guidance of your heart. The journey will include an integrated practice with vinyasa, kriya, mantra, kundalini meditation, music and community.

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Dayna is devoted to cultivating the path of the heart through the sacred body temple. For over a decade she has led transformational events nationally and internationally, including yoga retreats, classes, immersions and trainings. She enjoys bringing the life-changing power of yoga to people across the globe.  

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A Boulder native and international teacher with nine years teaching experience, Gurmukh truly lives his yoga. He enjoys creating a well-supported container where students are encouraged to explore the various elements of Kundalini yoga and meditation.