Kundalini Yoga + Dance: The New Moon in Pisces
Saturday March 17th 1:00pm-3:00pm
Gurmukh Singh + Pavanjeet Singh
$28 Preregistration | $35 Day of


Using kundalini yoga, freeform movement, a double gong bath and a live music meditation set intentions on the new moon in Pisces. Prepare to transcend and expand your sense of self to connect with the beyond.


A Boulder native and international teacher with nine years teaching experience, Gurmukh truly lives his yoga. He enjoys creating a well-supported container where students are encouraged to explore the various elements of Kundalini yoga and meditation. His classes often include pranayama (breathwork), a Kundalini yoga set, a deep meditation experience, dancing, relaxation, and live music. Gurmukh is also a certified kids yoga instructor with four years of experience teaching in Boulder. He is passionate about teaching children the simple joys of movement and breath through fun activities, games, stories, and music.



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Pavanjeet is a servant of the teachings and the community of Kundalini yoga in Boulder, Colorado. When he took his first Kundalini class in 2010, he absolutely hated it. Six years later the teachings of this ancient science are an integral part of his life, work, and passion. His deepest pleasure lies in creating and facilitating spaces of radical connection with one’s own truth.