If you are in need of a week of an exceptional experience satisfying all your senses and then some, you are about to sign up for a week that will relax, restore and recharge you completely not to mention; enrich your memory bank.

This magical location on Sifnos island is walking distance from the sea and has been scouted and explored to the finest of details.

With my background in interior design and an eye for style, your accommodations, in this lovely Luxury Boutique hotel, has beautiful simple island decor, high standards and impeccable service.

 The culinary experience, whether prepared by our chefs or guided to the best restaurants in town will tantalise your taste buds with bursts of delight from the delicious Greek cuisine.

 Adventures, hikes and explorations of the villages, beaches and ancient sites will deepen your connection with our culture, our people and our land.  We will practice yoga in the morning before breakfast and have an evening practice that will vary every day depending on where we are on the island. 

The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets with the sound and vistas of the sea will transport you to your deepest states of relaxation, which through your morning and evening daily yoga practices will enhance your appreciation and connection with the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

When you embark on this journey you will be entering a different pace….the pace of island life…..

Things slow down here, we no longer look at clocks, we take lots of coffee/tea/juice breaks mesmerised by the sound and vista of the sea, we eat at strange hours and our meals are the height of our social life so be prepared to be at the table for many hours, socialise all night, stay up for sunrises and take siestas during the day.

There are some pristine unspoiled beaches which you will have to hike to get to or go by boat and then there are the beaches with tavernas, cafes, shops, beach umbrellas etc…..something to match all tastes.

Somedays you may feel like resting all day by the beach or at the hotel and others might be adventurous and tour the island or explore the lively night life in town.