Emily Drew is a singer-songwriter and Vinyasa instructor of 6 years. Her style is slow and deliberate, bringing her students deeper into their bodies and breath. Her philosophy is "slower is stronger." Come to her class to learn how to move through your practice, and life, with more steady grace. In each class, enjoy a live music savasana performed by Emily. Her voice has been described as angelic, sweet, and soulful. Accompanied by acoustic guitar, her songs will leave you in a state of complete bliss and relaxation.

Emily found yoga when she needed it most. She was feeling lost and disconnected in her life and the practice of yoga brought her home to herself. She aims to share the full experience of yoga with her students. While she is a firm believer in safe, strong alignment, she also takes her students beyond the asana (posture) and into the mystical and philosophical parts of the practice.