Corwin Bell is a Boulder native and has been practicing and studying Kundalini yoga since 1997. His focus has been using Kundilini kryias--meditation and mantras for inspiring creativity and quieting the mind.

He graduated with a masters in visual communication and is the creator of several award winning creative projects and meditation training tools, including the meditation computer game, “The Journey to the Wild Divine.” He has created many innovative technologies, and founded Vision Shift Studios and The Bee Guardian Network.

Corwin's yoga practice has been an evolving journey of refining creative passion through meditation for the purpose of creating art with the intention of transforming consciousness. His approach to Kundilini yoga and meditation is to awaken dormant cellular memories engraved into our subconscious through life experiences, media, culture, and spirit. He combines these subtle connections to inspire feelings that kindle an alternative collective sensitivity, and evoke momentary realizations of an awakened self.