Conversations + Meditations on Death
with Nancy Gentry + Elise Williams
Saturday, June 2  | 1:00pm – 3:30pm | $35

We prepare for the birth of our children. We spend months, sometimes years planning for major life events. Why wouldn’t we prepare for our death? Death can be a reluctant conversation but it is the one common thread we all share. When we face our own mortality, we live more fully. We feel more alive. This is a conversation to help us become more comfortable with death. Don’t wait until the end. Let’s start now.

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Elise is a death doula, trained to be a guide and resource in sacred passages. It is her mission to bring death back to its sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life.


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Since losing her husband and handling his death in a sacred and intentional way, Nancy has felt passionate about changing the way we die in the West. She wants to share the lessons she learned from her experience and help others start thinking and being proactive in facing one of the most important events of their lives.